“Cutest chunk of bloody meat”

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A redditor shares her meat art and people love it.

A rear-view mirrors isn’t just used for driving. It’s often a place where people hang a high school graduation tassel, furry dice or a cross.

But if you’re husband and wife Jordan and Jake Serig, it’s where you hang a piece of raw meat.

That piece of meat is actually Meat Boy, a clay figurine Jordan Serig made and posted a photo of on Reddit. The clay figurine is based on the main protagonist in a game that Jake Serig plays a lot:  “Super Meat Boy,” an insanely popular indie game for Xboc and PC.

“I loved watching him play the game,” said Jordan Serig, 23, in an e-mail interview with the Daily Dot.  “It seemed sort of akin to a Super Mario game, on speed. And the cut-scenes were hilarious. The game is maddeningly difficult at times, but highly addictive, and always fun.”

In the game you can play as Meat Boy, a piece of red meat who is on a mission to save his girlfriend, Bandage girl, from the evil Dr. Fetus. In order to get her back, Meat Boy and his troupe of magical friends must jump through 300 levels full of deadly buzz saws and obstacles.

Serig made the figurine out of Sculpey, a polymer clay that hardens when baked in the oven. The figure didn’t take long to make considering Meat Boy is literally a square piece of meat with arms, legs and a face (with a missing tooth, of course).

“He’s quite a simple character, so anyone can do it. I recommend putting a glossy glaze on him after baking,” Serig said. “It gives the piece a more finished quality, and of course gives it that much desired meat-shine.”

The figurine was a hit with redditors who helped it collect about 800 upvotes Thursday.

“That’s the cutest chunk of bloody meat I have ever seen!” wrote isOK.

The Serigs live in Kansas with their two sons, 2 and 3. Jordan Serig is a self-taught artist who started working with clay last summer. Since then, she’s made zombies, incense burners, light switch plates, key chains and a treasure chest for her brother’s birthday. (She makes most of her stuff for friends and family.)

She is currently working on a figurine of Vash the Stampede. Vash is the main character in the “Trigun” anime series.

After that, Serig plans on creating Bandage girl, thanks to a suggestion from redditor SweetAlmighty.

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