Cat Fancy Editor Susan Logan wants to take the Twitter parody account @Cat_Fancy out with the kitty litter.

It doesn’t take a cat expert to realize @Cat_Fancy on Twitter isn’t the real thing.

With tweets like “dead cat rises on the third day to feast on mankind. repent now,” it’s easy to get in on the inside joke of this prank account.

However, these nonsensical facts about cats might not be around for much longer. An intrepid reporter at Yahoo News notified Susan Logan, the editor of Cat Fancy, a magazine devoted to caring for and pampering cuddly cats.  

“Oh no,” Logan said to Yahoo upon seeing the account.

Logan’s own account, @CATeditor, is the Irvine, California-based magazine’s public voice. And until now, Logan thought, its only voice. After taking some time to examine @Cat_Fancy, she wrote an email back to Yahoo using “purrs” as her signature.

“We appreciate the creativity people use in harnessing Twitter for satire and humor, but we cannot condone hijacking our trademark and undermining the trust our readers have in us for good, solid advice,” she wrote.

Based on Logan’s recent tweets, the magazine, with a circulation of 200,000 readers, is now planning to make an official account. Logan also thanked and retweeted a follower who decried the fake account for being “against cats.”

“Fake @Cat_Fancy account has made news. We have been working on an official CF account. In the meantime, pls continue to follow [email protected],” she tweeted.

The Daily Dot has reached out to the pranksters behind @Cat_Fancy—@maybenotsteve, @ecareyo, and @IAmEnidColeslaw—for comment. So far, it doesn’t look like Logan has reached out to any of the three, even though @Cat_Fancy account founder Steve has prompted her to.

“.@CATeditor r u mad at me?” he wrote.

Photo by Neal Gillis

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