High Flier Dribbble

High Fliers, banana stands, beer, and other awesome images from the design community. 

Dribbble is a community where designers show off work in progress as shots, or 400×300 screenshots. Daily Dot designer Mathew Sisson picks 10 sweet shots every week. It’s a chance to catch something you missed, discover a new designer, or simply admire the designs.


1)  High Flier illustration by Artua // @artua_design

2) Banana Stand by Adam Grason // @adamgrason

3) Ropersand Packaging by Rogie // @rogie

4) Red Ruin Homebrew label by Josh Smith

5) Fire by Dave Coleman // @dvclmn

6) New England by Adam Grason // @adamgrason

7) Picnic Basket by Jackie Tran // @jackietrananh

8) Enjoy by Dave Rau // @daverau

9) Mobile First Portfolio by Paulo Canabarro // @Paul0v2

10) Sketchy Threesome by Lisa Romero // @aperbullet

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