Ladies, stop looking at this site and get yourself to Applebees for some appletinis.

You may have thought that an active online life watching and teaching tech tutorials for Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest was rewarding, but Applebees would be much happier if you just dropped the smarty-pants act and met up with your girlfriends for cocktails and jalepeno poppers. At Applebees, of course.

In a new Applebees campaign for YouTube, a middle-aged woman introduced as the Girl’s Night Out Goddess rudely interrupts women presenting educational Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest tutorials with a suggestion that ladies put on their “sexy little wedges” and go out for a drink.

We could all use a break from social media every once in a while, but to target the message at women alone seems to imply that women shouldn’t be concerning themselves with difficult stuff like technology.

Here’s the Facebook one, in which the Goddess patronizingly asks women to talk in person instead of status-updating their business to everyone:

Here’s the Pinterest one, in which the Goddess disparages a woman’s “Partytime” pinboard:

And here’s the Twitter one, in which the Goddess shares a story that takes far, far more than 140 characters to tell:

Photo via Applebees

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