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Sometimes kids need a little push. This is not one of those times. 

Sometimes as a parent, you recognize when your kid needs that extra little push of encouragement—when it’s time to let go of your hands on their bike and let them pedal on their own, even if it means scraping an elbow.

This is not one of those times.

In a shocking video copied to Instagram and removed from its original context, a man is seen giving a kid (presumably his son) a swift kick in the back as he teeters nervously on the edge of a massive skate ramp. What’s worse, the kid doesn’t seem ready for it at all; his feet aren’t even in position.

This is clearly not an amateur operation—the ramp appears to have been built in a private backyard—and the kid’s in full pads, but that doesn’t even come close to excusing this cruel act.

The video originally surfaced on social news site Reddit. The original thread notes that comments have been disabled due to personal information being potentially released “/ witch-hunting.” (There were more than 400 comments in a matter of hours.)

Here’s hoping that whoever filmed it to begin with had the decency to submit to Child Protective Services.

H/T Guyism | Screengrab via Instagram

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