Angela Abar wrestles with destiny in ‘Watchmen’ episode 8
Oceans rise, empires fall, and Dr. Manhattan is still using his superpowers to pursue much-younger women.
What’s Black Widow’s real age in the MCU timeline?
Black Widow is allegedly in her thirties in her upcoming solo movie. Or... is she?
The most important costume in HBO’s ‘Watchmen’
Episode 6 delved into Hooded Justice's secret origin story. Here's how his costume came about.
‘Watchmen’ episode 6 may be the best TV episode of 2019
Delving into the 1940s backstory of Angela Abar's grandfather, this episode is a brilliant standalone drama.
Harley Quinn strikes out alone in DC Universe’s new R-rated cartoon
With genre-savvy jokes and smart commentary on Harley and the Joker's toxic relationship, this show is a surefire hit for Harley Quinn fans.
The coolest Easter eggs in HBO’s ‘Watchmen’
From Nite Owl's hidden legacy to the band 'Sons of Pale Horse,' HBO's 'Watchmen' is full of Easter eggs.
‘Justice League’ actors show support for the Snyder Cut campaign
Ben Affleck and Gal Gadot both want to see the director's cut.
‘Watchmen’ episode 5: Looking Glass just became one of the most compelling characters
This episode digs deep into the fallout from the comic's original ending.
Why Lady Trieu’s costume is so significant in ‘Watchmen’ episode 4
We spoke to the show's costume designer about Lady Trieu's distinctive look.
What’s up with the giant blue dildo in ‘Watchmen’?
Clever callback, or uncomfortable monstrosity?
What is Senator Keene’s true role in HBO’s ‘Watchmen’?
He has a complicated (and ominous) political backstory in 'Watchmen' canon.
How Watchmen’s Bass Reeves cameo ties into the original comic
The first episode's film-within-a-film ties into the comic's vision of alt-history pop culture.
Vin Diesel stars in the first trailer for comic book movie ‘Bloodshot’
Say hello to the first movie in the Valiant Comics superhero franchise.
Spoiler-free review: HBO’s ‘Watchmen’ leans into the comic’s political side
Created as a present-day sequel to the graphic novel, HBO's 'Watchmen' is an ambitious endeavour.
Hentai publisher says Kickstarter withheld payout for a month
It's not a good sign for the future.
Smut Peddler’s erotic comics collection for older lovers is here—and it’s over 300% funded
'Smut Peddler Presents: Silver' embraces erotica with older lovers.
Get ready to argue about the alternate-history politics of HBO’s ‘Watchmen’
The show will tackle some hot-button issues regarding race and law enforcement in America.
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