Guerrilla artists turn John Oliver billboard ad into right-wing meme
Last month the artist collective targeted Bill Maher’s billboard with the same NPC-meme used to deface the John Oliver Last Week Tonight ad.

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Gerard Way and Gabriel Bá's Eisner-award-winning series is the basis for Netflix's newest hit.
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Even Wendy isn’t immune to toxic men on Twitter.
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ComiXology Unlimited is getting the DC Comics and Vertigo libraries
DC Comics' library had only previously been available to read at will on DC Universe.
Kelly Sue DeConnick explores the mythic sensibility of her new Aquaman comic
'We come to water and we return to water, and that’s sort of core and essential to our psyches.'
‘Runaways’ season 2 expands its universe and mysteries
The six teenagers at the center of 'Runaways' are on the move in season 2.
Marvel is rebooting the Fantastic Four—with a major twist
This reboot is sure to be controversial.
Shonen Jump manga is going (mostly) free to combat piracy
A complete overhaul of their business model sets the stage to take back digital manga from crooked scan sites.
Bill Maher blames Stan Lee’s legacy for creating a culture that elected Trump
Maher wrote an op-ed dismissing comic book culture.
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This crowdfunded book contains 130 pages of 'Cowboy Bebop' comics.
Sci-fi thriller comic ‘Infinite Dark’ confronts the final years of humankind
With hints of 'Alien' and 'The Thing,' we recommend this creepy new comic about the heat death of the universe.
How to read ‘The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’ for free
There are multiple ways of going about it.
Chuck Wendig says he was fired from Marvel for getting too political on Twitter
He was told his Twitter had too much 'vulgarity' and 'negativity.'
Here’s your first look at ‘The Umbrella Academy’ and ‘The Dark Crystal’
The panel had plenty of exclusive footage and new hints.
The horny history of Marvel’s Venom
A look inside the erotic subtext of the comics.
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