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On its sixth birthday, new milestones for the microblogging service.

On its sixth birthday, Twitter has revealed some new stats about how many people are using it and how often they are doing so.

Around 340 million tweets are now being posted every day, with 140 million people actively using Twitter in the same timeframe.

That may not seem like a lot of tweets per person, especially compared to some chatterboxes you may follow. But Twitter has been trying to emphasize Twitter as a place where it’s fine to just read tweets without publishing your own, in part to attract new users who may be less comfortable expressing themselves than the early adopters who turned Twitter into a roiling den of online conversation.

By way of comparison, Twitter CEO Dick Costolo said in September that there were 100 million users active in the community every month, and the company revealed in October that 250 million tweets were being sent daily.

How an active user within a Web community is defined is a little tricky, though one thing’s clear: with the latest numbers and more than 500 million users in total, Twitter is kind of a big deal.

Photo by Rosaura Ochoa

Twitter hits 500 million users
Twitter became the second social network to hit the milestone on Wednesday afternoon and is currently adding 14 new accounts per second. 
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