With ‘Netflix for Legos,’ everything is awesome

Everything now truly is awesome: You can rent Legos.

Many of us enjoy the ever-evolving plastic bricks but simply can’t keep paying the exorbitant costs for their sets (the firehouse set, for example, retails for $115). Thankfully, a site called pley.com snapped into action and came up with what is basically a “Netflix for Lego.”

Starting at a mere $15 a month, you can rent as many Lego sets as your heart desires. Build them, play with them, destroy them, accidentally step on the pieces in your bare feet in the middle of the night. Medium-sized sets will run you $25 a month, while large sets will cost $39 a month. You can keep the sets as long as you like.

Even if you lose a couple pieces to a set, you aren’t penalized—as long as you keep it under 15.

Your monthly subscription also includes a few “freebies” each time you receive a set, as well as guaranteed free shipping each way. Pley.com will even sell you sets that you decide you want to keep at a discounted rate.

Just, whatever you do, avoid the Kragle.

Photo via JD Hancock/Flickr

Mike Fenn

Mike Fenn

Mike Fenn is a former contributor to the Daily Dot whose beats included Reddit, YouTube, and all things WTF. His work has also appeared in Forbes and News.com.au.