The third-largest social network has just secured another $200 million in investments.

Pinterest executives successfully closed operations on a $200 million round of investment funding Wednesday. Somewhere, a lot of people celebrated by making a bunch of pinboards flaunting photos of money.

The popular online fawning mechanism, which allows users to “pin” images they find adorable, beautiful, inspirational, or whatever else they choose to call things worth fawning over that day, is now valued at a whopping $2.5 billion, according to sources close to the situation, All Things Digital reported Wednesday.

Though unconfirmed, it’s believed that the money will go toward making Pinterest “more beautiful” than anything else on the Internet, as company CEO Ben Silbermann is wont to say. Hopefully the site’s brass will see it fit to dedicate a few dollars to the development of some type of private messaging system, as well.

The site has added a number of improvements to its infrastructure in the past year, including verified accounts, brand profiles, and “most pinned” lists.

“Our focus is on helping millions of people discover things they love and get inspiration to go do those things in their life,” Silbermann said in a statement released Wednesday night. “This investment gives us more resources to help realize that vision.”

The website now lays claim to more than 50 million users and is widely considered the third largest social network on the Internet (only Twitter and Facebook have more users), which is pretty outrageous, considering the site was founded less than three years ago.

Photo via Pinterest/Facebook

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