Sad? Jell-O Pudding is running an ad that may change your mood.

When Twitter user @bananaz0vrMunkey tweeted a frowny face earlier today, she received a welcome reply.

“@bananaz0vrMunky Sounds like you could use a little pudding. Here,” tweeted back @JelloMoodMeter.

The tweet included a link to Kraft’s latest promotion, Jell-O Pudding Face. On the site (as well as a billboard in New York City), a model’s face either smiles or frowns depending on how many 🙂 and 🙁 symbols are currently appearing on Twitter. The campaign purports to show Twitter’s collective mood at any given time.

Anyone can click the link to the site, but only the tweeter can collect on the free sample. The site uses a Twitter verification app just to make sure.

The account is unverified, but the pudding is legitimate. Minutes after the frowny tweet, the user happily announced that she got her free pudding.

Kraft Foods confirmed that pudding is delivered directly to the unhappy tweeters.

“Consumers are mailed two boxes of Jell-O pudding and one coupon good for a free 6-pack of refrigerated ready-to-eat Jell-O,” a spokesperson told The Daily Dot. At the time of this report’s publication, this was just the latest of hundreds of similar exchanges in the last 24 hours.

According to the account’s Twitter bio, the account only gives out pudding when it detects more frowny faces than smiley ones:

“Whenever Twitter’s flooded with too many little 🙁 we give away FREE Jell-O Pudding,” it reads.

That means tweeting a smiley face isn’t going to merit a response. You can try your chances with a frowny face, but try to be less obvious than this reporter, whose tweet resulted in zero free pudding.

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