Why get crushed at a real-life store opening when you can stay home and shop Etsy on Black Friday?

It’s expected that big name retailers offer some kind of deal during the world’s most fervent holiday shopping frenzy, Black Friday.

What’s not as well known is that many shops on Etsy’s handmade marketplace offer their own discounts, too.

From Black Friday, this Nov. 23, to Cyber Monday, this Nov. 26, Etsy will be promoting any store that’s offering a sale, to make deals easier for you to find.

According to Etsy marketing team employee Heather Burkman, shops that include “Black Friday” and “Cyber Monday” as tags on product listings will be promoted for the weekend on Etsy’s front page.

Etsy sellers have been offering deals at various times of the year on their own (Etsy on Sale is a great place to see what’s on sale and when), but according to the site blog, the commerce community only began institutionalizing Black Friday in 2009, when it started promoting a site-wide tag.

In a forum discussion, hundreds of sellers have pledged to participate this year with sale prices as low as 90 percent off their usual prices.

“This will be the biggest % sale in my shop history and my first time running a special for black friday/cyber monday,” seller Megan Lee wrote.

Photo via whiskyginger/Etsy

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