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People say that gift cards are an impersonal thing to give, but they have clearly never felt the pain of having a video game wish list a mile long. If they did, they’d know being given a gift card means you can actually whittle that list down.

If you’re in that lucky position today, you may be overwhelmed of which of the games on your list to get. We considered this, which is why we thought we’d provide you with some of the games we think are the year’s best.

1. Final Fantasy XV

Each new entry in the main Final Fantasy series is accompanied by a long wait, but typically the results do not disappoint (well, except for XIII). When Final Fantasy XV finally came out in late November, the reviews were resoundingly positive, many saying the series reminded them of the glory days of Squaresoft. That’s all we need to hear.

Price on Amazon: $39.99 (PS4/Xbox One)

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2. Titanfall 2

Titanfall 2 improved on its predecessor by adding a robust single player campaign, which meant players could enjoy bounding about in giant mechs solo or with friends. The multiplayer is also deeper than in the first game, which is probably what landed it on so many 2016 Game of the Year lists.

Price on Amazon: $38.95

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3. Overwatch

A game so popular that it not only drummed up a devout fanbase but its own fandom to boot, Overwatch proves that Blizzard still has plenty of excellent original IPs up its sleeve. If you have yet to play, we cannot recommend it enough as it’s incredibly fun — and you’ll never wait long to find a team!

Price on Amazon: $39.99

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4. Pokémon Sun/Moon

Whether this entry in the Pokémon universe is your first or the latest of many, it’s so charming it’s sure to win you over. Easily the most robust in the series and with plenty of brand new Pokémon to catch, it’s perfect for casual and hardcore players alike! Also, Rowlett is the cutest Pokémon in the entire world.

Price on Amazon: $39.99

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5. Dishonored 2

Since its release in 2012, the Dishonored franchise has caught gamers’ attention for its tight focus on storytelling and engaging gameplay. The sequel introduced more stealth and was praised for its creative level design, winning Best Action/Adventure Game at The Game Awards 2016. If you liked the first game this is a must-play. But if you never played the first, we’d encourage you check it out (it’s only $19.96) before you play this. Both are well-worth the investment.

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