The best Asian beauty products to help you survive winter

The new year is here, and with it, the coldest months of the year: January and February. While people get that heavy coats are necessary, few treat their skin they way they should in this time of year.

Your lips are most easily chapped and your skin most irritable during these months, so what works in your skincare regime for summer may not in winter. However, thanks to our personal obsession with Asian beauty products here at the Daily Dot, we have a few recommendations that can keep your skin happy in the chill.

1) Scrub off the dead skin.

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Japan’s Cure peeling gel has been a best seller in the world of Asian beauty for years thanks to its magical effects. It comes out of the pump in a gel, which you then rub on your face dry. It peels away dead skin and can be rinsed off in minutes, resulting in baby-soft skin that looks visibly brighter. If this option is too pricey for you, no worry: due to its popularity, just about every well-known Korean brand makes a peeling gel now.

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2) Oil cleanser is your friend.

Most foaming cleansers throw off the pH balance of your skin and leave it extremely compromised, which means it’s ultra-vulnerable to acne and irritation. Not only do oils avoid that issue, they also allow you to give yourself a facial massage, which can drain lymph nodes in the face and stimulate muscles you may be clenching as you stare at your computer screen all day.

One of our top faves is the Healing Oil Balm from Korean company Like I’m 5. Use it in the shower and massage upwards from your collarbones to your chin as well, and people will start asking how you look so young.

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3) Get a toner that adds moisture instead of stripping it.

American toners are typically thought of as something that takes gunk off your face. Asian beauty toners balance out your pH and provide a layer of moisture, and after you try it you’ll never go back. The results of a moisturizing toner are dramatically noticeable in winter when your skin needs considerably more moisture.

One of our faves for the job is Waterfall CeraCrown Gel Toner. A little of this powerful toner goes a long way! Pat it in with your hands after your washing your face and you’ll feel your skin sigh with relief.

Price on Kooding:$45.99

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4) Serum is awesome during the cold months.

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While toner gives your skin a layer of moisture, serum is a much deeper version that’s packed with nutrition. Many serums tend to be a gel consistency, but we love the underrated Immortal Youth line from Missha for its creamy consistency. Heaven for dry-skin types.

Price on Amazon: $27

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5) Layer up the moisturizer

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If your moisturizer feels like it evaporates when you apply it, it’s because your skin is badly dehydrated. An intensive moisturizer that acts like a balm is a terrific answer. We swear by Mr. Honey and Miss Flower cream from Banila Co., which has a soothing texture and a mild scent of propolis. Honey, much like snail, is one of Asian beauty’s favorite ingredients and it’s easy to see why.

Price on Amazon: $59

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6) Sleeping packs are a must

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After all those layers, you want me to put on one more? Yeah, we do. That’s because both moisturizers and sleeping masks act like the lid atop a simmering pot. They lock in all the previous layers and condition the skin. For the coldest months we love a luxurious sleeping mask like Sulwhasoo’s Overnight Vitalizing Mask. It smells like a pine forest (this scent is known as “hanbang,” or traditional herbal medicine) and leaves you glowing the morning after.

Price on Amazon: $13.50

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7) Get extra preventative with a lip sleeping pack

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Whether you use a sleeping pack for lips or prefer to stick with Carmex, make sure you have moisture on your mouth before you go to sleep at night. Breathing through your mouth for hours on end dries the skin of your lips out, which are also more chapped in winter than any other season. Laneige’s excellent lip sleeping mask comes with a little spatula to apply it, and it’ll stay put long into the night. The line has gotten so popular in Korea that you can now find it in Target in the U.S.

Price on Amazon: $17.25

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8) Don’t forget to moisturize the rest of you too!

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With all this focus on your face, it can be easy to forget the rest of your body needs extra moisture too (especially during the colder months). The 7 Days Phyto body line from Ariul is an ideal pick! This set comes with a Body Wash, Cream, Oil, and a Mist. Try combining a bit of the oil with the cream before you apply to get an extra boost. This combo also works wonders on your feet!

Price on Kooding: $54.99

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