How to shoot professional photography with your smartphone

professional photography

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Pro photography equipment is expensive…or so you thought.

Smartphones come with impressive cameras that have the ability to shoot incredibly clear photos and videos. But there’s more to photography than just counting megapixels.

There are other important factors to consider in the stride for high quality photos, such as the lens quality, the sensor, the amount of available light, and the ability to focus quickly.

There are some things you just can’t control when taking photos with your smartphone, but that doesn’t mean you can’t snap professional quality pics. 

These smartphone camera accessories will help you become the photographer you’ve always dreamed of. (Or at least boost your Instagram cred.)

1) Set the mood with the a portable mini-speedlite. 


First off, the amount of available light can really make a difference when it comes to capturing clear and detailed photos and videos. Especially when you take megapixels into account. That’s why URPOWER developed the portable LED speedlite mini flash for your smartphone. This baby simply plugs into your headphone jack and provides you with the same color temperature as professional xenon flashes. Capture natural-looking skin tones, soft shadows and the correct depth without red eyes. Nocturnal photography is no longer a hassle.

Price on Amazon: $10.99 

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2) Switch up your perspective with a lens kit.


Since using the correct lens can make all the difference, professional cameras have an option to switch out lenses but smartphones do not…until now! Mpow offers a universal lens kit that supplies you with the option to shoot close ups and wide angle photos or video. The Mlens V1 professional lens kit comes with three different lenses; a fisheye lens0.36x wide angle lens, and a 20x macro lens. Just clip the desired lens onto your smartphone and see the difference.

Price on Amazon: $11.99

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3) Steady your focus with a tripod.


Shaky hands make for blurry photos. Try a tripod, like the one by Camkix, and give a clearer definition to “still frame” shooting. The Camkix adjustable tripod grows to 6.25” and allows you to shoot in both landscape and portrait mode. It even comes with a bluetooth remote, making it perfect for self portraits and group photos!

Price on Amazon: $14.49 

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4) Opting for video? Record crystal-clear sound with a mic.


Videography can be pretty pointless if the moving pictures are inaudible—unless that’s what your artsy self is going for! Luckily, microphones exist, even for your smartphone. The Miracle Sound microphone is omnidirectional, meaning it can pick up sound from any direction, not just where it’s aimed. Simply plug the mic into your headphone jack and start recording high quality audio files no matter where you are.

Price on Amazon: $17.99

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5) Add depth to your shots with a waterproof case.


You can take your iPhone a step further, or at least a few feet under, with the Optrix body glove kit for iPhone 6/6s and iPhone 5/5s/5se. The case is waterproof up to 33 feet, crush-resistant, mountable, and even comes with two interchangeable lenses.

Price on Amazon: $93.74

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 6) Get up close for macro shots with a telephoto zoom lens.


One issue with smartphone cameras is that they tend to be nearsighted. Zooming in diminishes the quality of photos, causing blur and decreased clarity. That’s why DEALPEAK created the 12x zoom lens, which turns your smartphone camera into a telephoto lens. Bonus: You can even take the attachment off and use it as a binocular

Price on Amazon: $13.99

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7) Turn your artwork into high quality prints.


The last step in taking quality photos is showing them off. Emailing pictures to your computer compresses the file, which affects the quality. And regular computer printers just don’t do your photographs justice, even when you use photo paper. Fujifilm found a solution to both of those problems. Using the Fujifilm Instax Share smartphone printer, you can automatically print your photographs just by connecting to Wi-Fi. The printer provides you with a variety of templates to easily print your photos.

Price on Amazon: $136.99

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