Pre-order the long awaited HD remake of ‘Secret of Mana’


Relive the amazing SNES action RPG in glorious high definition.

Secret of Mana remains one of the best action RPGs of all time. Relive the magic in the Secret of Mana remake, coming to PS4 and PC next week.

Every inch of the game is rebuilt from the ground up. Don’t look for sprites and pixels here. The visuals are in full 3D, including cinematic cutscenes. The gameplay gets an upgrade too, giving it a hit of modern action RPG flair. The rest, including the setting and memorable heroes Randi, Primm and Popoi, remains the same.

Secret of Mana releases on February 15 on PS4 and PC and is available digitally on Amazon for $39.99. Pre-order it now and download it the second it becomes available.

Pre-order it here


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Jaime Carrillo

Jaime Carrillo

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