This Picard facepalm bust is like bringing the internet home

Some days on the Enterprise are smooth sailing with 24th century comfort. Other days, you show disappointment to any ensign that crosses your path like this Picard facepalm bust.

The timeless meme is no longer just relegated to JPEGs and Gifs. Now, you can point one of Star Trek’s best captains at anyone who falls flat. Maybe someone doesn’t know the difference between Romulans and Vulcans. Perhaps there’s somebody insisting Ferengi episodes suck. And then there’s Wesley Crusher. That little sod probably slid back onto the bridge without permission again.

This bust makes an excellent display piece in any nerd den or office. Plus, the felt base will keep it from marring surfaces. Excellent for Star Trek fans and meme-smiths alike. This Picard facepalm bust is available on ThinkGeek for $65.



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Jaime Carrillo

Jaime Carrillo

Jaime Carillo is a writer for Pure Nintendo and a plucky YouTube cook. He specializes in writing about console gaming and kitchen gadgets. It comes naturally, considering he's either wielding a massive cleaver or Switch Pro controller at any given point. When he's not cruising through a drive-thru at 2am, he's baking shokupan or whipping up a big pot of Japanese curry. He enjoys retro gaming, geopolitics, and Vic Berger videos.