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For cool moms, not regular moms.

Mother’s Day has a long and storied history, drawing its roots from the 19th century as a day to reunite families torn apart by the U.S. Civil War. The first official holiday was celebrated at a church in Grafton, West Virginia, in 1906, and the designation of the second Sunday in May as the holiday was established in 1914.

The day quickly became one of the most commercially successful American occasions. Flowers, fine dining, spa treatments, and greeting cards are the most common Mother’s Day gifts, but gadgets to help moms are more in demand in the 21st century.

Matching up a gift with a mom is tough, because every mother wants something different. We’ve gathered a variety of items that might make your mom happy, although would it kill you to just call her more often?

Best High-Tech Mother’s Day Gifts 2017

1) Dreampad ($149+)

mothers day gift ideas dreampad pillow Amazon

Elusive sleep is a problem for everyone, but why not give mom a better chance at some quality rest? The Dreampad pillow helps reduce stress and relaxes mom with sounds and vibrations for improving her sleep.

Eight different soundscapes help find the right one for her, or she can choose a playlist of music to help calm the brain. A timer ensures the sounds will go off when she wants them to stop.

The smart pillow comes in a variety of firmness to support different demands. An app for iOS or Android makes set up a breeze.

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2) Sandman charging clock ($50)

mothers day gift ideas sandman charging alarm clock Amazon

The 21st century mom has a lot of electronics at her fingertips. Smartphones, tablets, fitness trackers, and other devices are used throughout the day but need to be charged at day’s end to prepare for the events of tomorrow.

The Sandman clock fits comfortably on a nightstand, but it hides its true purpose as a four port USB charger, ready to keep all of mom’s devices powered up. A cable management system helps prevent the spaghetti effect for all the wires.

The clock itself has a large display, which automatically adjusts brightness levels to keep the glow of the numbers from overpowering a dark room. An internal battery helps keep time even if the power goes out.

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3) Pasonomi adjustable stand ($17)

mothers day gift ipad stand Amazon

Some very helpful moms said what they really want is support. No, they don’t want more of your time. (Right now, anyway.) They want something that will support their electronic devices and keep them off tabletops and counters.

The Pasonomi adjustable table stand can accommodate most tablets and smartphones, and its multi-angle configuration allows for easy viewing from any position. Made from an aluminum/titanium alloy, the stand is very light and strong.

The dock for the electronic is rubber, preventing scratches on the device. An opening in the back allows for charging while in the stand.

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4) Toast iPhone cover ($35)

mothers day iphone case Amazon

Sometimes, moms just want something personal from their kids. A hand-drawn card or drawing goes a long way to a mother’s heart.

But why not give her something she can carry anywhere? Toast phone covers are made from real wood and can be individualized from a photo or design using a laser. Whether is it a picture of you or maybe a design from something you have shared, mom can carry that with her always.

The peel-and-stick wood covers come in four different colors and come from responsibly grown and rainforest friendly veneers. Toast also donates a portion of each sale to environmental nonprofit groups.

The covers fit iPhones and Android phones, so check mom’s phone to see what’s she got now. Hey, she’s up on her tech.

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5) Sansaire Sous Vide immersion circulator

mothers day gift ideas sansaire sous vide Amazon

Some gifts just make things easier. The greatest gift of all is free time to let her do something she wants.

The Sansaire sous vide immersion circulator provides slow cooker cooking with just a pot of water. No larger than a champagne bottle, the circulator has a bright LED screen to set the perfect temperature, providing control and precision no matter what you are cooking.

It works with most freezer bags, eliminating the need for vacuum sealers. An active pump system circulates the water in any pan, providing even heating for any dish.

Sure, it can do typical steaks, chicken or fish, but it also does vegetables, desserts, and beverages. The circulator method cooks the food gently and without constant tending, giving mom time to relax.

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6) Oco smart camera

mothers day gifts oco smart camera Amazon

Some “children” are of the fuzzy, four-legged variety, and mom loves them just as much as a human child. So, it’s natural to want to keep tabs on them while mom is away from home.

The Oco smart camera lets mom watch her loved one(s) from a smartphone or tablet with ease. The camera notices movement or noise and alerts via an app.

A two-way talk feature lets the pets know you are “there” with them, relieving any separation stress they might feel. The live stream video lets you see what they are up to when you are not around.

Oco is easy to set up and connects to any Wi-Fi network. Video can also be archived if something unusual happens while mom is away. Doesn’t she deserve piece of mind while she’s not at home?

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