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Say hello to my little friends.

Do you miss the rush of getting a high score at the arcade? Turn any room into your own personal coin-op with these mini arcade games.

All your favorite classics are available, and you won’t need a paycheck’s worth of quarters to play. Do you want to bounce off the walls while racking up points? Q’Bert is ready to willing to help. Are you into hunting a lo-fi alien invasion? Centipede is just as tense and fun as you remember. For the underdogs, there’s Frogger. It may take a little patience to not become roadkill. For true nostalgia heads, there’s Asteroids. No fancy graphics needed.

No need to plug in: the mini arcade games are all battery powered. Each of these cabinets stands just a little short of six inches, so they’ll fit practically anywhere. Play while you relax in your study. Maybe take in a game while you fix your morning coffee in the kitchen. Or heck, keep one in the bathroom. No judgements.

Each of these mini arcade games are available on ThinkGeek for $19.99, so you’ll be able to afford your own private arcade.

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Jaime Carrillo

Jaime Carrillo

Jaime Carillo is a writer for Pure Nintendo and a plucky YouTube cook. He specializes in writing about console gaming and kitchen gadgets. It comes naturally, considering he's either wielding a massive cleaver or Switch Pro controller at any given point. When he's not cruising through a drive-thru at 2 a.m., he's baking shokupan or whipping up a big pot of Japanese curry. He enjoys retro gaming, geopolitics, and Vic Berger videos.

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