This cat may have had too much

Photo via ESezer/GettyImages (Licensed) Remix by Jason Reed


Look, you’re not the only ones that need to relax.

Your cats do too. Sure, they spend the day sleeping and lazing about in the sunlight, but you don’t know their inner lives. Maybe they spend all of those sleeping hours reliving their ancestry fighting for their lives in the wild. It would explain why they look so pissed off all the time.

If you feel your cats’ plight, maybe you should hook them up with some good sh*t. Meowijuana features a range of products from Purple Passion buds (which promise to be especially dank) to a fat catnip blunt. You could even bond with them by toking up together (we suggest the trusty twisty glass blunt for human use).

With prices starting at $12.95, your cats will thank you. Trust us.

Shop the collection here


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