Planeswalk your way to the office with this Magic: The Gathering tie

Photo via Jesper Währner/Flickr ThinkGeek (CC-BY-SA) Remix by Jason Reed

While your boss prattles, you can mentally summon Emrakul.

We’d like to sit around pretending to be powerful wizards that can slay demon hordes with a single spell. Unfortunately, most of us have to work to make money IRL. But you can bring a touch of magic with you to the job thanks to this Magic: The Gathering tie.

This tie goes for the understated look. Plain black and imprinted with the five mana symbols familiar to its fans, it’s a super low-key way to tell the world that your blue/white deck is a real killer.

Of course, a tie like this is not restricted to the office. Wear it in silent rebellion at boring weddings (or funerals). Pop it on for a job interview. Or show up at your weekly Magic meetup in an all-black suit with this as the finishing touch. You may as well show them that you mean business.

Snag the Magic: The Gathering tie for $29.99 from ThinkGeek.

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