7 subscription services that make great last-minute gifts

It happens to the best of us: One week, you’re putting off holiday shopping, the next, Christmas is suddenly almost here. Take a deep breath. There’s no need to pull out your hair when coming up with solid gift ideas. Sometimes, it’s best to leave gift giving to the professionals.

There’s a subscription box for just about everything nowadays, from the latest nerdy essentials to ready-to-make meal kits. Finding a box of surprises dropped on your doorstep or inbox makes just about any day as happy as Christmas. It certainly beats an itchy sweater!

If you’ve waited until the last minute, these subscription services will surely please friends and family who are impossible to buy for.

1) Apollo Box

last minute gifts Photo via Apollo Box

For the friend who’s impossible to please, Apollo Box is a great bet. The monthly subscription doesn’t waste your time with stuff you don’t want or need. It curates boxes according to your lifestyle and passions, leaving you satisfied with every delivery.

Price: $30+ a month or quarter

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3) Scentbird

last minute gifts Photo via Scentbird

Venturing past the perfume counter at the mall is always an ordeal. Save yourself from rogue sprayers and give the gift of awesome smells with Scentbird. Every month, subscribers can choose from over 450 scents from popular brands from Calvin Klein to Versace. Dip your toes into new perfumes before committing to a new favorite.

Price: $14.95/month

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4) Japan Epic Box

last minute gifts Photo via Amazon

Do you have a total Snack Otaku in your life? This box has 15 tasty snacks from Japan that are as tasty as they are kawaii. All these tasty treats will get mouths watering more than an episode of Food Wars.

Price: $35

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5) Craft Spirit of the Month Club

last minute gifts Photo via Mouth


Surely, you know at least one person who sips whiskey in a highball glasses while staring out a window full of melancholy like Don Draper. Put a smile on their face by getting them a bottle of small-batch American made booze every month. Whether they’re into bourbon, whiskey, gin or vodka, each monthly delivery will leave them in high spirits.

Price: $54+/month

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6) Coffee Brewer Club

last minute gifts Photo via Coffee Brewer Club


We all know that one friend whose burned bridges with every barista in town because of their finicky coffee tastes. Luckily for them, Coffee Brewer Club exists. This service curates specialty coffees based on their tastes and flavor desired flavor profiles. When you sign up, you even get a kit which will have all you need to brew a tasty batch of joe.

Price: $34.50+ a month

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7) Mouth Snacks Club

last minute gifts Photo via Mouth

There isn’t a soul on this spinning globe that doesn’t love to snack. Treat your loved ones (or yourself) to tasty sweet and salty treats every month. You’ll get high-end grub like solar-popped popcorn, a pop-tart small enough to fit in your pocket, every manner of artisanal pickle and countless more tasty options.

Price: $54+ a month

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