These kawaii squeeze toys look tasty enough to eat

In 2017, run-of-the-mill stress balls simply won’t cut it anymore. Kawaii squeeze toys come in all your favorite food designs. Use them to relieve stress, stay focused or just goof off. Just don’t try to eat them.

1) This sushi roll three pack is cuter than a California Roll.

kawaii squeeze toys Amazon

Instead of dipping this rainbow of fish and rice, give it a squeeze. It comes in sesame seed, black sesame seed and fresh salmon incarnations.

Price on Amazon: $10.77

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2) Clutch this coffee to-go cup.

kawaii squeeze toys Amazon

This cup of coffee won’t provide you with a caffeine boost, but it will relieve stress. Best of all, it won’t make you jittery.

Price on Amazon: $8.99

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3) A squeezable fruit basket featuring summer’s bounty.

kawaii food toys Amazon

A six-piece set that features all your favorite fruit, from bananas to watermelon. Once squeezed, they rise slowly, a feature missing from cheaper offerings.

Price on Amazon: $17.99

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4) It’s a bear, it’s a loaf of bread: it’s both!

kawaii squeeze toys Amazon This squeeze toy is a teddy bear made out of bread: what’s not to love? With every squeeze, this little bear releases a fresh baked bread scent. Just try and not squeeze this guy for hours.

Price on Amazon: $6.99

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5) It’s a colorific rainbow cheesecake slice!

kawaii squeeze toys Amazon

The most colorful squeeze toy in the bunch is shaped like the dreamiest dessert. Fits perfectly in adult-sized palms.

Price on Amazon: $9.89

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6) Kitty cat cheeseburger, extra ketchup please!

Kawaii squeeze toy Amazon

Move aside Pusheen and Lil’ Bub: Cheeseburger Cat is the newest, most kawaii feline around. The only downside is that you can’t eat this precious and delicious kitty.

Price on Amazon: $10.59

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7) Soft-serve cones in every flavor imaginable (yum).

kawaii squeeze toy Amazon

These squeeze toys are a throwback to summer vacations on the pier. Each order comes with one of six different colors.

Price on Amazon: $7.59

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Jaime Carrillo

Jaime Carrillo

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