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30 geeky Halloween costumes for every type of fandom

Bonus: these Halloween costumes can be used for con season.

Oct 9, 2020, 3:43 pm*


Marisa Losciale 

Marisa Losciale

Every year the list of nerdy costumes seen prowling the streets grows–sort of like the fandoms themselves. Thanks to reboots and remakes from various studios and streaming services, the variety of Halloween cosplay costumes has exploded. We now have more options than we could ever dream of. But finding them? Sheesh. That’s a bit of a Nightmare on Elm Street if you know what I mean.

But lucky for you, lazy bones, we’ve scoured the internet looking for something to please you, your budget, and your favorite fandom. Because even if COVID-19 has discouraged us from gathering with our usual gaming party, there’s no reason we still can’t get in the spirit for ourselves.

Nerdy costumes, cosplay costumes, and other geeky Halloween garb

Listed below are a few of our favorite nerdy Halloween costumes for adults that you can find online. If you came here looking for a kids Ghostbuster costume, you’ll find it! Just keep scrollin’.

1) This is critical for 2020

Price: $24.99

2) Riddle me thisBatman

Price: $34.99

3) Higher, further, faster, baby!

Price: $31.99+


Price: $34

5) I am your worst dream come true!

Price: $27.95+

6) Great Neptune!

Price: $33.49+

7) Legos are built for group Halloween costumes

Price: $27.99

8) Beep bloop

Price: $17.95 (regularly $23.99)

9) Hello, I’m The Doctor

Price: $14.99

10) Whatever you do, don’t say her name three times in front of a mirror while spinning in a circle

Price: $38

11) Do you like green eggs and ham?

Price: $16.99

12) Don’t forget to bring your best rumble!

Price: $39.99

13) Curiouser and curiouser!

Pirce: $41.79

14) Live long and prosper

Price: $30

15) Living Dead. It’s a movie.

Price: $33.95+

16) Think you can spend one night as Freddy?

Price: $36.99+

17) Mercy, as summoned

Price: $34.99+

18) We can all agree Victor was the real monster, right?

Price: $42.39 (regularly $86)

19) Snorlax will keep you cozy all Hallows Eve

Price: $30

20) Mario time!

Price: $35+

Nerdy kids costumes that even you’ll appreciate

21) Are ya ready to have some real fun?

Price: $39.99+

22) This is a total Blockbuster!

Price: $26.63 (regularly $34.99)

23) Rey won’t fail you

Price: $13.49+

24) I love you 3000

Price: $15 (regularly $27.99)

25) You have the power, my dear

Price: $30.21 (regularly $36.99)

26) A truly out-of-this-world costume

Price: $36.99

27) You know, I’ve dreamed of this

Price: $21.99+

28) I ain’t afraid of no ghosts!

Price: $28 (regularly $36.99)

29) Splendid!

Price: $24.38

30) Are the lights flickering, yet?

Price: $17.99-$49.99


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*First Published: Oct 8, 2020, 4:20 pm