Funko’s Baby Yoda figures are open for preorder

First we were told today that we could order a Baby Yoda (it’s “The Child,” yes, we know) plush, which was a daymaker all on its own. But now we are being told that not one, but two Baby Yoda Funkos are also for preorder on the same day? Is this the best day on planet Earth?

Yes. Yes, it is. Because not only is there gonna be a regular sized Funko, but there’s going to be a LIFE-SIZED ONE. The same size as The Child itself (well, 10 inches, so our best guess). The normal Funko will be $12.99 while the Super Sized Pop! version will be $29.99. The only sad news is that the fine print tells us this won’t ship into June 2020. That’s so long to wait to have a Baby Yoda on my desk watching my every move! 

Disney also advises that both itself and LEGO have more products in the works, so we’re guessing we’ll be in a Baby Yoda deluge come 2020. In the meantime, sip some tea and wait for this beautiful flood to wash over you.



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Colette Bennett

Colette Bennett

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