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Vault Boy needs your help!

Unfortunately, not all Vault-Tec vaults come with surgeons. No matter, Fallout Operation makes a makeshift doctor out of us all!

Before braving the dusty landscape, practice medical procedures on a friend. Our precious Vault Boy is suffering from many post-apocalyptic diseases that need serious attention. Using nothing but a rusty pair of tweezers, remove 12 items and ailments from his body like Dogmeat Breath, “Adam” Bomb and even a spare StimPack. Avoid touching the sensitive parts, or you get a serious shock from the RADS meter. And you don’t want to give Vault Boy radiation poisoning, do you?

And like any good doctor, expect to be paid for your excellent service in the form of bottle caps. Practice on Vault Boy before venturing out into the great, dangerous unknown.

Fallout Operation is available on ThinkGeek for $34.99.

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