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Your move, Siri.

If you added up all the hours you spend sorting emails, booking tickets, and tracking packages each week…let’s just say you wouldn’t be happy with the figure. While the rich and famous call on their personal assistant to complete their to-do list, the rest of us can rely on EasilyDo

This virtual assistant of an app lives in your phone, but connects to your online accounts to tie up all your time-consuming loose ends.

Daily Dot store

For starters, EasilyDo scans your inbox for messages that ned a reply. You can also set up alerts for specific senders or subject lines, and the app picks out event confirmations, from movie tickets to flight check-in times. You get notifications when these messages arrive, along with live travel updates and shipment tracking. You can view the whole lot in an “up next” schedule.

The features don’t stop there. EasilyDo searches emails and the Web to dig out useful information on new contacts, looks up directions to your next event, keeps track of your bills, and puts all your email attachments in one place.

The app is beautifully designed, and very quick to respond. It is available on iOS and Android, using just 0.4 MB (approx.) of data each month. All this means you get an impressive virtual assistant at your fingertips, one that becomes better at its job the more you use it.

Usually priced at $4.99/month for the Premium service, you can currently get a lifetime subscription of EasilyDo for $19.99 flat via the Daily Dot store. That is a savings of 90 percent off the regular price, to say nothing of several extra hours of your time each week.

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