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This ingenious bug zapper will keep your late summer parties comfy

Keep the mosquitos out of your mojitos.


Published Aug 24, 2017   Updated Aug 24, 2017, 4:01 pm CDT

Summertime means getting outside for backyard barbeques, lounging on the patio, or doing a little work on the lawn. It also means flying insects that want to join in your outdoor activities and possibly ruin your fun.

The DynaTrap is a device that helps keep outdoor activities bug-free without the noise of a typical bug zapper. The device uses an ultraviolet light and emits carbon dioxide (much like a person) to attract flying insects. Once they come near, it traps them in a cage with a powerful fan.

We tested the DynaTrap XL, and it was amazingly quiet – yet still did the job of keeping mosquitoes and other flying bugs away from people on the deck. The insect trap was easy to assemble and can be used in all weather conditions, including rain.

The UV light doesn’t detract from outdoor setting, but it should be in a location away from competing light sources, like a porch light. It seemed to draw bugs away from the house light when it was placed further away from the light.

Carbon dioxide is what we all breathe out and is what bugs hone in on to find their prey. DynaTrap uses the emissions created when the UV light interacts with a titanium oxide coating on the fan to produce the carbon dioxide gas by photo-catalysis. The result is the perfect attraction for flying bugs, drawing them away from people and toward the trap. Once they get into the vicinity, a fan pulls the insects into a retaining cage. DynaTrap says the trapped insects will naturally perish in about 24 hours.

The cage has an automatic damper for a lid that closes when the fan is not in operation. It prevents any live insects from flying back out when the insect trap is not turned on.

The DynaTrap XL can cover about an acre of lawn, and the company said people should notice a reduction of flying insects in about a week of constant usage. The device does need a power supply, so think about what outlets are nearby when determining where to place the device. It will also work better if it is elevated, rather than at ground level, to catch bugs in the air.

Living near a large water source and a nature preserve, bugs are a constant problem, especially mosquitoes. The DynaTrap did seem to cut down on the number of flying insects seen around the home and wasn’t intrusive with any unwanted sounds on the deck. It is also a great device for cutting down on flying bugs that might ruin any outdoor gathering.


The XL is $142.79 at Amazon and one of many models in the line, which starts as low as $27.

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*First Published: Aug 24, 2017, 11:31 am CDT