The ‘Die Hard’ board game pits one hero against the world

Do you, like Alexander, weep because there are no other board game worlds to conquer? In a world with a glut of Cards Against Humanity clones, few games offer real surprises or thrill. That is, until now. Die Hard: Nakatomi Plaza Heist pits one John McClane against Hans Gruber and his goons in a competitive board game as nail-biting and exciting as the best action movie of all time.

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The game, like any great film, plays out in three acts. Up to four players decide whether they want to storm and pillage the electronics giant with a rogues gallery of thieves, or, a cop with an attitude whose marriage is slowly crumbling before his eyes. This isn’t on the nose. It’s not a game inspired by Die Hard—it is Die Hard. The game progresses along with actual events from the movie played out on a double-sided board that will test players’ stealth, combat, and action tactics to the fullest.

As John McClane, you must carve a path to Hans Gruber by climbing through ducts, walking over glass, and murking dudes along the way without getting caught. Then, if you’re lucky, you get to finally confront Gruber as nothing more than the common thief he is and hurl him from the top of Nakatomi Plaza to his ultimate doom. 

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Or, if you’re into portraying seriously sinister movie villains, you and two friends can play as Gruber and his gang. As thieves, you must work together with your team to hack the Nakatomi systems, pilfer their massive coffers, and fly off in your helicopter before John McClane can reach the top of the building to save the day. 

Three acts worth of goals will match up with a corresponding deck of cards that will test players skills, resolve, and general abilities to be action movie badasses. Each round will dictate whether the Nakatomi vaults will bear their bounty or if John McClane will scale floor after floor with nothing more than his gun and a serious case of revenge on his mind. The best part is this epic showdown will actually be shorter than the actual movie it’s based on, with average playtimes of 45-60 minutes. 

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The custom illustrated game board and nine figures (including Hans Gruber and John McClane) are part of over 200 unique game components in this game that’s half action-thrill ride, half labor of love. And it won’t cost you a thieves ransom to get your hands on it. The Die Hard: Nakatomi Plaza Board Game is available on Amazon for $39.93. Ready your glass-proof shoes and blood-stained tank tops. Yippee-kay-ay, mother truckers.


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Jaime Carrillo

Jaime Carrillo

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