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Consider your child’s hunger extinct.

Nearly all children despise the crust of their sandwiches. They know what’s good: the stuff in the middle between the soft slices of bread. So instead of fighting with your kid to eat their lunch, give them something that’s more their style. All you need is this dinosaur crust cutter.

The DynoBytes sandwich crust cutter is possibly the easiest way to get your kids to devour their lunch. The sandwich cutter is BPA-free and dishwasher safe, so you can use it on one PB&J after another. It may not make your cooking taste better, but it will sure as heck look more appetizing (to a kid, anyway).

Plus, the dinosaur crust cutter isn’t just for good ol’ sammies. You can use it as a cookie cutter too!

The DynoBytes crust cutter is available through Amazon for just $7.89. That’s a steal! So grab one before they go extinct.

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