Relive your ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ memories with the card game

Every kid of the ’80s fondly remembers those good old Choose Your Own Adventure books: paging through over and over, trying to get all the endings to the story. And now you can revisit those days in a brand new way with Choose Your Adventure: House of Danger.

Just like the classic R.A. Montgomery book, you’ll venture into a mysterious mansion in search of its missing owner. Rather than turn pages to proceed, here you’ll choose cards to play the game. There’s also a psychic scale and a danger meter, both of which you’ll need to monitor carefully in order to stay alive.

This is also a family-friendly game, so you can play it with both your adult friends and your kids. Introduce them to a world you loved when you were their age, all while reliving it yourself at the same time!

Choose Your Adventure: House of Danger is $22.49 on Amazon and is eligible for Amazon Prime, so you can be off on your journey of nostalgia just in time for the weekend.


Colette Bennett

Colette Bennett

Colette Bennett is a writer/editor who specializes in web culture, skincare, and all things geek. Her work has appeared on CNN, HLN, Engadget, Kotaku, Colourlovers, and Continue Magazine. She also writes horror and sci-fi fiction for Corona Books and is at work on her second novel.