The best Prime Day streaming deals

There’s nothing better for your soul than ending a relationship that just isn’t working. Cutting ties with a partner that’s not meant for you is cool, but we’re actually talking about breaking up with your cable provider. At this point, just about every hit series can be had on Netflix, Hulu, Prime Video, and other popular streaming services. Luckily, you can broadcast all of them from your TV, laptop, or phone.

Of course, streaming the right way requires some special hardware, and Amazon Prime Day 2019 has brought some great deals to get you started on your streaming adventure.

Prime Day tips

This year, Prime Day is actually a 48-hour celebration, running on July 15 and 16. In order to take advantage of all the sweet deals, you’ll need an Amazon Prime account which costs $119 a year. If you’re a student, you can get a 50% discount and nab a year subscription for $59. If you’re going to become a dedicated streamer, you’ll want a subscription anyway, because it will give you access to Prime Video, one of the largest streaming libraries online.

Additionally, there are Lightning Deals offered throughout the day, which are strictly for dedicated shoppers. Lightning Deals are limited stocked items offered for a limited time. Every other day of the year they’re open to all Amazon shoppers. However, on Prime Day, they’re only open to Prime members. If you’re fast with a mouse click and don’t mind refreshing pages all day, you may just be able to nab some serious savings on big-ticket items. Anyway, onto the deals!

Streaming devices

best Amazon Prime streaming deals Amazon


1) Save $25 on the Amazon Fire Stick

(On sale for $14.99, regularly $39.99)


2) Get the Fire TV Cube for $50 off

(On sale for $69.99, regularly $119.99)


3) Get $100 off the 500GB Fire TV Recast 

(On sale for $129.99, regularly $229.99)


4) Get $100 off the 1TB Fire TV Recast

(On sale for $179.99, regularly $279.99)



best streaming deals on Amazon Amazon

1) The Toshiba 32-inch Fire TV edition is more than $80 off

(On sale for $99.99, regularly $179.99)


2) The Insignia 32-inch Fire TV edition is cheap too at $80 off

(On sale for #134.99, regularly $169.99)


3) Save $75 on the Toshiba 4K 50-inch Fire TV edition 

(On sale for $304.99, regularly $379.99)


Sound Devices

best Prime Day streaming deals Amazon

1)Save more than $135 on the Sonos Beam sound bar and get two $50 Amazon gift cards

(On sale for $359, regularly $499)



Wi-Fi Solutions

Prime Day streaming deals Amazon

1) D-Link WiFi router for 4K streaming is $25 off

(On sale for $64.99, regularly $89.99)


2) Save more than $146 on the Netgear Nighthawk Cable Modem

(On sale for $203.68, regularly $349.99)



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