The best Mother’s Day gifts for every budget

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Mom deserves the best, even if you’re broke.

You don’t need to break the bank to impress mom. (Well, most moms anyway.) We’ve curated the best Mother’s Day gifts for every budget so moms can feel special regardless of what you spend. Whether you’re cash-strapped or rolling in the deep, these creative gift ideas for mom are packed with heart.

Mother’s Day gifts under $25

1) Plant Theater kits

best mothers day gifts 2018 Amazon

Whether mom is a seasoned gardener or a total newbie, these kits are perfect for getting her hands dirty and sprouting a green thumb. Each kit contains five different seeds and starter pots to set the foundations of a beautiful garden. There are kits for herbs, fruit, funky veggies, gourmet edible flowers and even one full of cocktail fodder. Produce has never been this chic.

Price on Amazon: $19

best mothers day gifts shop here plant theater

3) Remington ceramic hair dryer

best mothers day gifts 2018 Amazon

Fancy, salon-quality hair dryers don’t have to cost a fortune. Not only is this ceramic hair dryer totally cheap, it’s one of the most celebrated on Amazon. An 1875 watt motor ensures you will get your hair dryer 40% faster with a motor that lasts three times as long. Ceramic pearl technology gives mom’s hair a smooth salon finish every time.

Price on Amazon: $24.99

5) Bamboo essential oil diffuser

best mothers day gifts 2018 Amazon

Mom’s got a lot to deal with. This oil diffuser can melt away her stress. It fills any room with comforting smells from essential oils, turning downtime into a true spa experience. Leave it on continuously, or turn it on to shoot out spine-melting mists in intervals. And because it shuts off once the water runs out, it’s totally safe. It even flashes seven different colors. You know, just in case mom is also into raves.

Price on Amazon: $24

best mothers day gifts shop here blue button essential oils diffuser

7) ‘Rad Women Worldwide: Artists and Athletes, Pirates and Punks, and Other Revolutionaries Who Shaped History’

best mothers day gifts 2018 Amazon

Your mom is likely your hero. But who inspires her? This tome spans the history of badass women from 450 BCE to 2016, spanning 31 countries from around the world. Learn about heroes from revolutionary artist Frida Kahlo to courageous freedom fighter Malala Yousafzi. Each page tells the story of over 250 women, complete with stunning visuals.

Price on Amazon: $12

best mothers day gifts shop here blue button rad mothers book

Mother’s Day gifts under $50

8) Amazon Fire TV Stick with Alexa

best mothers day gifts 2018 Amazon

Help mom finally cut the cord. Amazon Fire Stick lets you stream all your favorite channels and apps like Netflix, Hulu, and HBO Now. And because it’s powered by Alexa, you don’t even have to touch a button. Mom will cackle with joy every time she whispers, “Alexa, play Minions” or “Alexa, play Monk.” Because nothing makes mom’s happier than having their commands obeyed without complaint.

Price on Amazon: $40

best mothers day gifts shop here blue button amazon fire stick

10) Lodge enamel cast iron 6-quart dutch oven

best mothers day gifts 2018 Amazon

This isn’t just the best looking cooking vessel in any kitchen: it’s also the most versatile. Is there any other pot or pan that could make a cowboy pot roast and a baker’s dozen of donuts equally well? Unlikely. And unlike other cast iron dutch ovens, the enamel coating makes cleaning these bad boys a breeze. Plus, there’s tons of colors available so you can get one in mom’s favorite color.

Price on Amazon: $46

best mothers day gifts shop here blue button dutch oven

11) Goose down alternative comforters

best mothers day gifts 2018 Amazon

Nothing upgrades a bed quite like a big goose down comforter. It’s the closest thing to sleeping on a cloud anyone will ever get. These alternatives are just as cozy at a fraction of the price. Each hypoallergenic comforter protects against mildew, mold and dust mites. If the diamond stitch pattern looks familiar, you likely snuggled against one at a recent sleepover in a four-star hotel. Available in ten colors to match whatever aesthetic mom’s currently cultivating.

Price on Amazon: $36

best mothers day gifts shop here blue button goose down comforter

13) Adidas Women’s Cloudfoam QT Racer running shoes

best mothers day gifts 2018 Amazon

Folks are living longer and longer, in large part because of their active lifestyles. When it comes to athletic footwear, the Cloudfoam QT Racer is among the coziest. The memory sock-liner molds around feet like a warm hug. Wearing a pair like these gets anyone excited for their morning jog around the mall or a weekend stroll to the farmer’s market.

Price on Amazon: $50

best mothers day gifts shop here blue button adidas

14) Nine West black handbag

best mothers day gifts 2018 Amazon

A bold and beautiful black handbag ties together any outfit. This offering by Nine West is one of the chicest and affordable ones out there. It’s beautiful inside and out, literally. The synthetic leather feels as good as it looks, and there’s plenty of space in the interior to hold all mom’s essentials.

Price on Amazon: $34.99

best mothers day gifts shop here blue button nine west

16) ‘Fifty Shades’ trilogy book set

best mothers day gifts 2018 Amazon

Yes, the Fifty Shades series is less hardcore than even one of the tamer Game of Thrones episodes, but that makes them perfect for feeding momma’s guilty pleasure reading library. This collection contains all three books that make up the popular series, including Fifty Shades of Grey, Fifty Shades Darker, and Fifty Shades Freed. Consider buying book covers too, so dad won’t constantly roll his eyes anytime she decides to kick back with these naughty tomes.

Price on Amazon: $30

best mothers day gifts shop here blue button fifty shades

Mother’s Day gifts under $100

17) Ninja Blender with Nutri Ninja cups

best mothers day gifts 2018 Amazon

As far as smoothie machines go, the Ninja blender is one of the most useful and affordable. No, it won’t pulverize everything like a Vitamix, but it will get you close. Crush ice into snow using the 72 oz. carafe, or make your own single-serving smoothies using the companion Nutri Ninja cups, complete with to-go lids. Most importantly, the blade removes easily, making it a breeze to clean.

Price on Amazon: $100

18) Tile Key Finder combo pack

mothers day gifts gadgets Amazon

Mom may be perfect, but even the most saintly among us are prone to losing our keys. Tile ensures mom can find them no matter where they were lost. It attaches to any keychain or phone, and when activated, it rings a loud jingle until your lost items are found. Plus, it’s waterproof and resilient to nature’s many dangers, in case things are lost outside.

Price on Amazon: $60

19) Ring Wi-Fi enabled doorbell

best mothers day gifts 2018 Amazon

Solicitors are annoying to all generations. This Wi-Fi enabled doorbell is a peephole you can manage directly from your smartphone. Next time the doorbell rings, mom can run to greet you with open arms or shun the detergent salesman who won’t take a hint. Get instant alerts anytime someone gets near it or sets off the sensors.

Price on Amazon: $100

20) Fitbit Flex

best mothers day gifts 2018 Amazon

Not only is Fitbit one of the coolest accessories going, it’s one of the most practical. It syncs to any smartphone or PC to track your daily steps and fitness goals. Mom will be inspired to get up and move as she watches her progress in real time. It couldn’t be more user-friendly, which is perfect for moms who only use their computers to play Solitaire.

Price on Amazon: $75

21) Crock-Pot 6 quart Multi-Cooker

best mothers day gifts 2018 Amazon

This ain’t your daddy’s slow cooker, and that’s not just because it would make a great gift for mom. Sure, it slow cooks stuff to perfection just like the Crock-Pots that clog up every church potluck. But it does so much more. Make pulled pork, braised short ribs, and piles upon piles of rice in minutes, not hours. This pot has a searing function to brown all your yummy food before putting it under pressure. And if you’re the kind of ungrateful child that never helps with the dishes, mom can rest easy. The interior cooking vessel pops out and cleans with a simple wipe.

Price on Amazon: $70

best mothers day gifts shop here blue button instant pot

22) Shiatsu foot massager

best mothers day gifts 2018 Amazon

This awesome relaxation gadget mimics the hands and thumb actions a practiced masseuse uses. Now mom can get a Shiatsu massage from the ankles all the way to the bottom of the feet. If they want even more comfort, this machine also has optional soothing heat that radiates warmth with every rub. Its got three intensity settings, depending on how much pressure mom wants to handle on any given day.

Price on Amazon: $99

best mothers day gifts shop here blue button foot massager

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