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Best Kitchen Gadgets to make cooking a breeze

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Jaime Carrillo


Published Apr 17, 2019   Updated Feb 4, 2021, 3:43 pm CST

It’s true: big things often come in small packages, which is why some of the best kitchen gadgets are small. Not only are they wee enough to tuck away in a drawer, but nabbing one won’t make a big dent in your wallet. Here are 10 of our faves to make everyday cooking tasks as easy as possible.

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1) Handheld mandolin

No, this isn’t a weird proto-guitar that you strum when you’re trying to get a pretty lady to talk to you. It’s a style of blade that cuts things razor thin. Whether you’re making a salad, onion rings, or piles of potato chips or gratin, this baby will slice whatever you slide down its blade. It’s incredibly easy to use anytime you’ve got to get anything to wafer thin, no fancy knife skills required. There are even three thickness settings for countless culinary needs. One of the best kitchen gadgets for a reason: there’s not a single ingredient it won’t dispatch quick.

Price: $16.99

2) Zeroll ice cream scoop

“But I already have an ice cream scoop,” you cry as you stumble on this list. Sure, you have an ice cream scoop, but I’d bet a dump truck full of Cherry Garcia that it sucks. This scoop cuts through ice cream like a hot knife through butter because of the heat conducting liquid in its core. The warmth of your hand flows through to make picture perfect scoops every time without throwing out your arm. It’s the ultimate dessert pal. Available in tons of sizes for all waistlines and diets.

Price: $17.06+

3) Bench scraper

The secret to not making a massive mess whenever you have to chop ingredients is to rely on a bench scraper to do the heavy lifting. After dispatching some onion, carrots, or even chicken thighs, scoop them onto this baby and slide them into a prep bowl or a hot pan. It works great as a makeshift knife when you’ve got to break down cookie or bread dough down to size. And considering it costs less than a rib-eye steak, you can’t afford not to one of the best kitchen gadgets around.

Price: $10.22

4) Instant read thermometer

Do you know how to make the perfect steak? Cheating, of course. Stab your bloody meat with one of these babies to make sure it’s cooked to the right temperature. It’s your best bet on Thanksgiving, so you don’t have to choose between dry turkey or salmonella. It reads temps as low as 58 to 572 degrees Fahrenheit. Works great to test the heat of fry oil or boiling sugar for candy.

Price: $55.99

5) Meat mallet

Thor has the right idea when he throws his hammer around to save the day. If you’re looking for a quick dinner, smash a piece of meat with this baby and you’ll have a nice thin cutlet that will cook to perfection in minutes. One side pounds meat into flat discs. The other will pulverize them tender if you’re hankering for Swiss or country fried steaks. It’s one of the best kitchen gadgets that works equally well to ward off home invaders.

Price: $15.99

6) Dumpling press, 3 piece set

For many cultures, dumplings are a daily staple. If you want to add a smack of joy in your life, you should follow suit. This set comes with three different presses to make everything from gyoza to calzones, and everything in between. Press pasta, pizza, or wonton dough into the center, fill with yummy stuff, and press. You can even use store-bought white bread and make the most amazing PB&J you’ve ever eaten.

Price: $8.49

7) Potato ricer

Those unbelievably fluffy potatoes from your favorite restaurant weren’t mashed…they were riced. Pressing cooked potatoes through this handy gadget pulverizes them smooth, no mashing required. Simply add dairy and seasonings and whisk to perfection. Your potatoes will come out velvety smooth every time. Works equally well to make other veggie purees without having to break out the food processor, making it one of the best kitchen gadgets.

Price: $19.08

8) 3 blade vegetable peeler

If you have a vegetable peeler. it’s likely rusty as heck and held together with stickers and glue. Toss it! This is the peeler you deserve. It’s got three different blades for all your needs. The standard blade handles most of your peeling needs, and a serrated one cuts like butter through tomato and eggplant skin. The third one turns veggies into shreds for beautiful salads and veggie noodles.

Price: $4.99+

9) Kitchy pizza cutter

Everyone has a pizza cutter, but hardly anyone has a great pizza cutter. Once you invest in a sturdy, big wheel, you’ll be reaching for your pizza cutter more than just when the delivery arrives. Slice through pizza with ease, but with a blade this big you can also cut through cookie and pie dough, and other tasty flat food like cutlets and quesadillas. It tears through lettuce and herbs too, should you decide there’s a chopped salad in your future. Comes in three flashy colors to boot.

Price: $14.95

10) Collapsible colanders

Those clunky metal strainers your grandma gave you suck. Sorry, grandma. They take up too much room and are a total hassle to clean. Instead, grab a pair of collapsible colanders. They drain water out of your cooked potatoes and pasta, and when dinner is over, cleaning them will be a breeze. Silicone is friendly like that. Best of all, they collapse into nothing, so they take up as much space as a pot lid. Not only is it one of the best kitchen gadgets, it’s one of the stealthiest.

Price: $11.99


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*First Published: Apr 17, 2019, 9:15 am CDT