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6 sites for accurate numerology readings

If you enjoy astrology, you should check out numerology too.

Jul 14, 2020, 10:36 am*



Marisa Losciale

Getting a numerology reading is the easiest way to discover more about the career and work environment you’re best suited for, potential relationship compatibility, life path, and even your lucky numbers. But if you’re new to numerology (try saying that five times fast, ha!) you’re probably wondering what the practice is all about and how it works. So before we tell you where you can go to get accurate (and sometimes free) numerology readings, we’ll give you a crash course on everything you need to know before receiving your first reading.  

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What is a numerology reading?

Numerology is the ancient method of attributing one's approach to life to the influence of the "period cycles" in which they were born (among other unrelated factors). In numerology, your period cycles represent the early, middle, and late stages of your life and are signified by the month, date, and year you were born. Numerologists are able to walk you through the lifestyle you subconsciously live, guide you to your best career path, and even offer relationship advice by using the date you were born. They can also calculate your numerical summation (or your life path), and the consideration of other influences described in a Decoz Color Chart (which you'd receive during a reading–see the chart in the section below for an example).

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In order to calculate your life path number, your reader will take the day, month, and year you were born and reduce them all to single digits or Master Numbers (11 or 22), add them up, and reduce that total to a single digit. For example, if you were born on December 10, 1993 (12/10/1993) your life path calculation would break down to look something like this: (1+2)+(1+0)+(1+9+9+3)=(3)+(1)+(22)=(26)=(2+6)=life path 8. 

Each life path has its own way of unfolding, so if you'd like to read a detailed description about yours (or have a computer calculate your number so you don't have to do the math) keep reading for our list of reliable sites offering accurate numerology readings. 


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How to get a free numerology reading online

Depending on the source, some numerology reading sites will offer you a free reading while others will gift minutes for you to use towards your reading. So, instead of paying for the full length of the call or online chat, you'll only have to pay for a portion of it. And before I forget, most of these sites have a surplus of literature for anyone looking to calculate and research their or their partner's life path numbers so if you don't have the time or money for a comprehensive love reading, you'll at least be able to surmise whether or not your lifestyle influences are compatible. 

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But before you go throwing all your hard-earned money at numerologists and psychics, I've included a few tips to ensure you get a quality online reading of any kind.

  • Be cautious, do your research, and read reviews of both websites and psychics. I cannot stress enough how important this is–even if a site is legit, swindlers have occasionally found ways to break through the barrier. The easiest way to avoid them is by reading verified customer reviews of each and every reader you consider a potential match (instead of just throwing money at your first pick). 
  • Allow your reader to lead the session and answer their questions as simply as possible. There’s no need to run off on tangents or provide supplemental information (this isn’t a psychotherapy session). If you’re worried you haven’t given them a clear enough response, ask if they would like you to go into greater detail but don’t freely offer up more specifics than any given question requires.
  • Listen for clues. Watch out for credible details and other elements applicable to your life that the reader wouldn’t know about unless they truly know what they’re doing.

When it comes to asking questions, the biggest point we’d like to underscore is that instead of examining specific details outside of your control, focus on your behavior. A good rule of thumb is to avoid asking “who,” “when,” or “where” centered questions and focus on the “why” or “how” (more explanation on this format can be found here). To help you decipher between good and bad types of questions, I’ve listed favorable examples below.

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  • How can I reconnect and balance my mind, body, and spirit?
  • What responsibilities have I taken on that aren’t my own?
  • How can I improve my social and/or romantic relationships?
  • What is the best way for me to heal emotionally?

It’s important to note that even though psychics and numerologists can offer solid advice on how you can go about improving your life based on their perception of how you react to stressors, they are NOT to be confused with certified mental health professionals or life coaches.

Best numerology reading sites

1) Keen

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If you're interested in a numerology love reading, the numerologists over at Keen know what they’re doing. Although the site has low ratings on customer review services like SiteJabber, you’ll see most of the complaints aren’t about the readings themselves but how the site runs its payment options. To avoid conflict, reviewers recommend only loading the amount of money you plan to use for a reading at any given time. Because if you upload $40, spend $15 on a call and then forget about the balance and let sit too long, Keen will deduct value for “inactivity.”

Keen is also offering all new users three free minutes to use towards any reading!

Price: $1.50+/min 

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2) Kasamba

Established in 1999, Kasamba has become the world’s largest and most popular site for astro-related readings. Readers create a profile that advertises the types of readings they offer and respective pricing, which allows users to rate and discuss their experience directly on-site or via the mobile app. Kasamba readers are available 24/7 and offer a variety of services such as numerology readings, love readings, tarot readings, personal astrology readings, and more.

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Currently, Kasamba is offering new clients three free minutes to chat with an online psychic.

Price: $2.50+/min (regularly $4.99+/min)



Advertisement Hide doesn't offer thorough numerology readings, but its free horoscopes are pretty damn interesting, which is why we decided to include it on this. The site will calculate your life path number for you and even offer free daily/weekly/monthly/yearly predictions for you to read at your leisure. The site even has a partnership with Keen, for those of you looking for an in-depth reading. 

Price: Numerology horoscopes are free and new users can get 3-minutes free or a 10-minute reading for $2 through Keen


4) World Numerology

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World Numerology offers a free numerology reading to anyone who downloads and uses its app. And we're not talking about a summarized reading, either. If you want a free in-depth reading, World Numerology is prepared to offer you eight pages of insight. Need we say more?

Price: Free with the app which is available for iOS, Android, and desktops


5) Astro-Seek

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Astro-Seek is another reliable site that offers free and accurate numerology readings online. While Astro-Seek's report isn't as detailed as World Numerology's (or if you were to contact a reader through Keen or Kasamba), it's closer to getting a deconstructed Decoz chart since each reading only provides you with basic details concerning your life path number, birthday number, name numerology, and personal year.  


6) Dr. Prem Kumar Sharma
numerology reading

One of the best numerology reading sites out there, this one is run by renowned Vedic astrologer Dr. Prem Kumar Sharma. offers users free numerology readings with basic explanations which makes this a really great source for anyone looking to brush up on their terminology or just have the basics of numerology explained to them in greater detail. Users can also opt to have their chart dissected by an astrologer for an additional fee (which varies by reading). 

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Price: Basic numerology readings are free, with in-depth analysis prices starting at $86.27


Want a little more guidance? Check out our guide on how to read a birth chart, find out where to go for tarot readings, and what sites to use if you're looking for a psychic love reading

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