This animated Eevee plush actually will love you back

It talks, it laughs, it wiggles, it L O V E S.

Jan 2, 2018, 11:05 am


Jaime Carrillo 

Jaime Carrillo

animated eevee plush


There are countless plushies of the infinitely evolve-able fox Pokémon, but none of them are quite as lovable as this animated Eevee plush.

This may be the first Pokémon plush that has the ability to love you back. Every time you squeeze it, it responds. Eevee wiggles its ears, laughs and even talks. Press its chest and your precious fox will utter 12 different phrases from the anime. The only thing it can’t do is evolve. But why would you want such a perfect plush to change?

Abandon the rest of your cold, distant Pokémon plushes and get this animated Eevee plush, available online for $49.97.



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