This $169 laptop may be the cheapest of its kind

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Sometimes your laptop is on the verge of death and you need another one right away, but you don’t have the money to burn. Laptops are one of those unfortunate expenses that none of us are quite ready for (on in denial about, or both).

If you’re in need but don’t have much green, this 11-inch Acer Chromebook laptop may be the answer. At $169 for the 2GB model and $269 for the 4GB convertible model, this can be a transition laptop or perhaps even more than enough to fill your needs.

Both models come equipped with a solid state drive (16 GB and 32 GB respectively) and an Intel Celeron processor under the hood. The $169 dollar is a basic clamshell design, but if you pony up the extra $100, the $269 model offers touchscreen technology and can be converted to stand up tablet style. Pretty solid for such a cheap buy!

The Amazon reviews for both models are pretty glowing, so if you’re ready to invest, buy either here.


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Colette Bennett

Colette Bennett

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