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Kris Holt

All sizes | Facebook HQ | Flickr - Photo Sharing! Russia temporarily blacklists Facebook
Russian officials received 10 complaints over Facebook content.
undefined Ex-NFL player wants to save the kids who wrecked his vacation home
Brian Holloway watched the destruction unfold on Twitter.
All sizes | Marissa Mayer | Flickr - Photo Sharing! These people sold their souls to Yahoo for a Marissa Mayer retweet
Some Twitter usersĀ are about to use Yahoo as their homepage, switch to Yahoo Mail, and stop making fun of the firm's derided new logo.
All sizes | Night at the Dog Park - 2 | Flickr - Photo Sharing! Anti-pedophile vigilantes lash out at their critics with online threats
Letzgo Hunting tweeted a critic's Facebook and Twitter usernames, as well as her street name.
imgur: the simple image sharer 19 amazing pop-culture portraits painted on coins
In Brazilian artist Andre Levy's hands, regular coins become portraits of superheroes, pop music icons, and video game characters.
imgur: the simple image sharer Facebook bans dating site that used Rehtaeh Parsons's photo in an ad
Parsons, a victim of sexual assault and intense cyberbullying, died in April after a suicide attempt.