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Jennifer Abel

undefined Federal prosecutor under fire for racist Facebook post about Trayvon Martin
U.S. Attorney John Craft made reference to watermelon and "purple drank" in a post about Martin on a private page.
undefined Why does Kentucky want to outlaw this advice columnist?
In Kentucky, there's a fine legal line that separates “writing an advice column” from “practicing medicine without a license.” Blogs are in a tizzy.
All sizes | Mother of Dragons | Flickr - Photo Sharing! Americans are actually naming their daughters Khaleesi now
Game of Thrones is starting to influence baby names.
Dunkin' Donuts | Flickr - Photo Sharing! Unhinged Florida woman films her own racist tirade in Dunkin' Donuts
She posted the whole thing to Facebook. Don't worry, though—she says she's heading to Mars.
undefined School bus driver fired after standing up for hungry students on Facebook
Johnny Cook reported on Facebook that his Georgia school district refused to feed a student who couldn't afford a school lunch.
undefined The sudden rise of the most useful movie rating site ever
It only asks one question: "Does the dog die?"