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Michelle Brandabur is a former intern at the Daily Dot and a student at Boston University. Her work has been featured in the Somerville Journal, Capital Public Radio, and WTBU Radio.

Winston Smith looking into the camera.

‘Say his name’: Federal police fatally shoot Winston Smith, a Black man, in Minneapolis

‘Just killers.’

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woman with 'Can we talk about how people just vanish into thin air and are never found in U.S. national parks??' caption over forest sunset background

‘I am not afraid of the park. I am terrified’: TikTokers are freaking out over just how many people are disappearing in national forests

America’s vast lands spark shock and awe from users.

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Screenshots from a TikTok of a mom bringing her daughter breakfast in bed.

‘I thought moms only did this in movies’: TikToker says her mom brings breakfast in bed every morning

‘This video smells like the most expensive perfumes.’

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Screenshots from a countdown of one user on TikTok celebrating Rigatoni Day.

Rigatoni Day: TikTokers everywhere celebrate made-up holiday after some guy on the internet tells them to

76 million views later, Gen Z’s favorite platform forges a new holiday.

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Screenshots from a TikTok showing one designers pitch to Converse and their new national parks sneaker line.

‘I don’t think it’s a coincidence’: TikToker accuses Converse of stealing her designs

The sneaker company denies the claims.

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Screenshots from a livestream of a stranger kissing a TikToker at a bar.

‘I’d start swinging’: Stranger kisses TikToker during live stream

‘Girl took 2-3 business days to notice.’

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Screenshots taken from a video of a dad pulling his two kids home from school in a kayak during a flash flood in Louisiana.

‘This is not a heartwarming story’: Viral video shows dad transporting kids from school in kayak during flood

‘We are so effed in this country.’

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people enjoying a sunny day at the beach, Tel Aviv (l) snapchat map of Israel (c) young boy stands in front of bombed out rubble, Gaza City (r)

‘The difference says it all’: TikTokers react to stark contrast of social media photos in Israel vs. Palestine

‘Go to Snap map and see for yourself.’

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A former IDF soldier dances on TikTok while defending the Israeli army.

People are torn over this enthusiastic, dancing Israeli soldier on TikTok

The videos have received praise, scorn

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Woman in Israeli flag screams 'You're a disgrace. You're no Jews, you're scum!' (l) Orthodox Jews chanting 'Free, free Palestine!' (r)

‘You’re no Jews, you’re scum’: Video shows 2 groups of Jewish protesters clashing over Palestine

The video sparked passions on Reddit.

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man tearing down memorial site at George Floyd Square in Minneapolis

‘Imagine being so full of hate’: Video shows white man destroying George Floyd memorial with ax

He tore down signs and attacked structures in George Floyd Square.

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Screenshots from a TikTok of a dog owner teaching her dogs to perform fun tricks.

TikTok video shows dogs ‘talking sh*t’ and ‘throwing hands’

Good boys.

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TikTok creators react to the CDC's new guidance on masks.

TikTokers fret about looking like Republicans after CDC lifts mask rules

‘How will we know who’s responsible and who’s Republican?’

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Screenshots from a TikTok making pesto eggs

‘Chef’s kiss’: Pesto eggs are all the rage on TikTok

There’s a new breakfast in town.

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Two police officers hold a biker face down on the sidewalk while putting handcuffs on him.

‘Go to f*cking jail’: Cop hits bicyclist with stun gun for running red light

The man told officers he has a mental illness.

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