Paris Hilton talking into the camera.

Paris Hilton reveals that ‘Stop Being Poor’ shirt was fake

'Everyone thinks it's real.'

On May 4, 2021 by Audra Schroeder

woman with 'thinking of the time I matched with Ben Affleck on raya and thought it was fake so I unmatched him and he sent me a video on instagram' with emoji skulls (left and right) ben affleck (center)

Ben Affleck allegedly sent a video after a woman thought his Raya profile was fake

'Why did you unmatch me?'

On May 4, 2021 by Audra Schroeder

Moldavite stone

What is Moldavite? Crystal TikTok is obsessed with this supposedly dangerous space rock

Crystal fans on TikTok report wild and life-changing side effects from buying moldavite.

On May 4, 2021 by Gavia Baker-Whitelaw

snow white with apple

People think the ‘woke left’ is trying to cancel Snow White

A review of the newly revamped ride at Disneyland is sparking outrage.

On May 3, 2021 by Siobhan Ball

two men standing in a kitchen

‘Get the f**k out of my house’: Resurfaced clip of Harrison Ford witnessing a magic trick is entirely relatable

He can hardly believe it.

On Apr 29, 2021 by Michelle Jaworski

bear in blue coat and red hat holding train handlebar

Everyone loves the fact that ‘Paddington 2’ topped ‘Citizen Kane’ on Rotten Tomatoes

'Paddington 2' stands at 100% with 'Citizen Kane' at 99%.

On Apr 28, 2021 by Michelle Jaworski

martin scorsese guesses 'feminine items'

Martin Scorsese made a hilarious guest appearance on his daughter’s TikTok

Scorsese's daughter quizzed him to identify 'feminine items' like eyelash curlers.

On Apr 28, 2021 by Gavia Baker-Whitelaw

DJ Khaled standing up and looking confused.

DJ Khaled standing up becomes a reaction meme

What did DJ Khaled see? And what's in that glass?

On Apr 27, 2021 by Audra Schroeder

A chihuahua staring at the camera with ears back.

Someone adopted Prancer the ‘demonic’ Chihuahua— after ad went viral

He found a home without men or children.

On Apr 27, 2021 by Michelle Jaworski

best tiktok challenges 2020 wipe it down

Unbelievable viral videos: 8 of the best TikTok challenges in 2020

TikTok has given us no shortage of viral videos and dance challenges this year. Here's a collection of the very best ones.

On Jun 25, 2020 by Anna María

FYP as the Tik Tok logo

What does FYP mean on TikTok?

TikTok's For You page is complicated.

On Jun 19, 2020 by Audra Schroeder