Here’s the full text of the secret Senate healthcare bill
It's finally out from behind closed doors.
Fitness Instagram model killed by exploding whipped cream dispenser
The dispenser that killed her was allegedly recalled in 2015.
‘Wet Hot American Summer: 10 Years Later’ fast forwards to the ’90s
Amy Poehler, Paul Rudd, Elizabeth Banks, and more return in the Netflix sequel.
Here’s what’s in that secret GOP healthcare bill
Say goodbye to Planned Parenthood funding.
Iowa newspaper tells Trump not to hold rally
'Iowans have questions and concerns about your plans. They can’t be heard over the cheers of a rally.'
Twitter has a fix for its Nazi problem—but it won’t use it
Does Twitter's new update just put a softer circle around its harassment issues?

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Rick and Morty Clue makes for a multi-dimensional mystery
Someone stole Rick's blueprint for the portal gun and it's your job to figure out the five W's.
Planeswalk your way to the office with this Magic: The Gathering tie
While your boss prattles, you can mentally summon Emrakul.


Samsung just released the hippest flip phone since the Motorola Razr
The Folder 2 is available now in South Korea for around $260.
Trump claims he has no Comey tapes
President Trump's threat appears to never have been real.
‘Star Trek: Discovery’ actress Sonequa Martin-Green responds to racist backlash
She has a simple answer for racist 'Star Trek' fans: They don't understand what 'Star Trek' is really about.
Squirrel who loves avocados will never be able to afford a home
Seymour is clearly a millennial squirrel who prefers avocados to joys of owing a home.