Growing list of Democratic representatives plan to skip Trump's inauguration
Two dozen representatives won't go, many of them citing Trump's attack against Rep. John Lewis.
IHOP retweets post calling Clinton campaign 'garbage,' claims it was hacked
IHOP's Twitter account is getting roasted.
How to survive 'Blue Monday,' the most depressing day of the year
It's dark, it's lonely—but it doesn't have to be.
Reince Priebus defends proposal to move White House press corps, blasts Rep. John Lewis
Incoming White House chief-of-staff Reince Priebus appeared on ABC News Sunday morning.

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Facebook rolls out 'fake news' filter in Germany amid growing concern
Stories flagged by users will be fact-checked and labeled as 'disputed.'
Why can’t we text 911? Disability rights advocates sue to find out
Without the ability to hear or speak, communicating with emergency respondents over the phone can be near impossible.
2 bidet companies fought for man's love online
If you ask to be sponsored by a bidet company online, they will find you and fight for you love.