What is the Daily Dot?

Perhaps @twitmericks put it best:

There is a young site, Daily Dot
That covers what's hot and what's not
Blogs, wikipedia,
Memes, social media
Webwise, the Dot's got the lot

The Daily Dot is the hometown newspaper of the World Wide Web. It is the paper of record of the digital community. From the virtual street corners, town squares, and back alleys that make up the online world, it reports the noteworthy daily occurrences and provides a forum to debate the day’s issues. It is the story of this new and vibrant place.

Above all, The Daily Dot will be tirelessly dedicated to the truth. The truth shall be our first and our last defense, and it will be our constant quest. We will not shy from taking a side, but that side will always be that of the truth. We will recognize no higher order, no greater god.

The Daily Dot will be a citizen servant of the community — friend, brother, confidant, and confederate of its members. Ultimately, it will be about people, as any story about a community must be. And it will treat each person with compassion, though its interest will be the community’s interest — not the majority’s, the minority’s, or any faction, but the interest of the whole.

The Daily Dot will seek to open up the world it covers, to illuminate, to “hold the mirror up” and paint a complete portrait of all, ignoring no issue as too trivial, no individual too obscure. The honest and unflinching picture it will present will extend even to itself, and it will strive for absolute candor in describing its own decisions, triumphs, and failures.

And it will use every tool and all of its imagination to bring these lofty goals to each individual reader as efficiently and effectively as possible. You deserve nothing less.

Today more people are in direct communication than ever in human history. The global online community is the largest body politic in the world and it is growing rapidly, stretching across geography, boundaries, and borders. The twentieth century saw the rise of problems too big for any single country to fix or even contain. The worldwide community growing online in the twenty-first century may be the best hope for a new era of peace, prosperity, and harmony that we have ever seen.

So, welcome to The Daily Dot. We’re glad you’re here.

— Nicholas White, cofounder and CEO