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It’s hard to encompass decades of culture into one song, but that’s exactly what Billy Joel aspired to do with “We Didn’t Start The Fire.”

The singer probably didn’t envision, however, his work being the template of choice for anyone hoping to compress Internet culture into a handy four-minute segment.

First there was “We Didn’t Start This Website,” a primer to the culture of Flash video site YTMND, documenting dozens of users’ inside jokes. Now there’s “I Live Life on Tumblr,” YouTuber 0nlyHands’ effort to describe Tumblr as the sum of its memes.

0nlyHands, who is known as BatmanSymbol on Tumblr, has a knowledge of Tumblrspeak so deep our own Tumblr lexicon primer would be shaking in its boots. She includes the complete lyrics in the video description, and you’re a Tumblr pro if you can catch every reference. Here’s the first four lines for starters:

Fangirl squeals, Doctor Who, reblog is all I do,
watching Sherlock, Reichenfeels, we need Season Three.

Gorgeous graphics, keyboard smashing, signal boosts and Mako-bashing,
Bryke is trolling, Moffat's trolling, perfect OTP,

Social justice, F-bombs, food porn, om nom nom,
Mean Girls, "The Life and Times," and lawnmowers that can fly,

Please stop tagging your hate, this fic never updates,
all my feels, oh my Godtiss, holy shit I'm gonna cry!

Photo via YouTube