Each weekend on Pin the News, Josh Davis of LL Social and Lauren Orsini of the Daily Dot analyze the latest Pinterest happenings and provide insider tips for making the most of the network.

Private boards are a Pinterest feature that CEO Ben Silbermann has been hinting at since his blog post on March 23. Tired of waiting? Davis shares a few Pinterest alternatives that already have private boards.

Pinterest's latest valuation is a staggering $1.5 billion. Is that a realistic estimate, and should Google make an offer, as former Daily Dot editor Owen Thomas suggests at Business Insider?

Two recent studies produced the same outcome: Pinterest users make more purchases than Facebook users do. Is Pinterest for products and Facebook for friends?

Ending things on a lighter note, we discuss humor boards on Pinterest. Orsini shares her personal theory that another startup, Canv.as, will eventually corner the visual humor market.

Photo via YouTube