Last week, Mila Kunis accepted an invitation to the Marine Corps Ball following Sergeant Moore’s YouTube request. Shortly thereafter, Justin Timberlake was asked. He also accepted.

The Daily Dot predicted this trend was just getting rolling. And sure enough, Sergeant Ray Lewis came through when he asked actress Betty White to attend the same Marine Corps Ball with him come November, describing her as the “all-around perfect woman.”

In his video, Lewis admits he was inspired by the success of other Marines’ celebrity proposals:  “So I figured, hey, why not? Why don’t I ask someone out to the Marine Corps Ball?”

While the prospect of every Marine having a celebrity date to the upcoming Marine Corps Ball is fun, YouTube commenter and naysayer iTzRicky made a point when he wrote on Lewis’ video:

“No. When I say poor celebs I'm talking about how they're basically being forced to go, because if they deny, they look like assholes. This little ‘asking out celebs’ trend needs to stop. But of course, it won't.”