Of all the delicious schadenfreude moments, watching a guy crash a $225,000 yellow supercar has got to be near the top.

One Chicago-area man found himself the butt of hundreds, if not millions, of Internet jokes when he had the misfortune to crash his Lamborghini on camera.

The video was uploaded by DrCinadr, who wrote in the video description “[g]ood thing I had the video camera out to record it all.” The 2:04 clip hit the front page of Reddit May 15 and collected 3.8 million views in roughly 24 hours, according to YouTube statistics.

Redditors and YouTubers alike gleefully tore the driver—now identified as William Whitaker by TribLocal—to shreds over his driving mishap. Whitaker told local police that he “just lost it” when he accelerated, TribLocal reported.  

“With great horsepower comes great responsibility,” wrote vucao138, referencing SpiderMan in a popular YouTube comment.

“[L]ambo just wanted some love” wrote cali_weed420 on Reddit, as a way of explaining the nature of the accident. “[G]roup hug everyone.”

Photo via Reddit