With Carmageddon coming this weekend, people all over Los Angeles had to prepare, naturally.

Filmmaker Autumn Proemm prepared by making a spoof, adding dialogue about the weekend closure of I-405 to the 2004 German movie Downfall.

She and her fellow film maker Chris Punsalan “put  the video together fairly quickly,” she said in an email. “I had the idea about two weeks ago, wrote a quick draft of the dialogue, and then we edited it on a laptop at the Charlotte airport during a layover on 4th of July weekend.”

While the spoof is well-executed and timely, Proemm doesn't get many points for originality or skill. Hitler spoofs based on the Downfall scene started spreading in 2008, and grew so popular that by last fall, the New York Times published an instructional article on how to do your own using widely available software.

That said, Proemm says she and Punsalan likely to do more: “Since the Carmageddon parody has been so popular we plan to create more short comedy videos in the near future.”

Last year, Proemm produced and Punsalan directed a mockumentary about the indie rock scene called Nothing is Cool.