When George Lindell was rear-ended during a traffic accident in Phoenix, Arizona, and then subsequently interviewed by Fox News, little did he realize he’d become a micro-Internet celebrity over the weekend.

Even t-shirts with Lindell’s catchphrase, “Reality hits you hard, bro” are already available, despite Lindell providing the infamous interview just last Thursday.

Lindell’s interview, which Fox News described as “one of the most hilarious and animated descriptions of a car crash we’ve ever heard” included sound effects, intense facial expressions, and wildly moving hands.

Documenting the exact amount of views Lindell’s account of the car crash is difficult, given the amount of times the video has been mirrored on YouTube, but a rough estimate puts views at half a million. (A version of the interview posted on Reddit on Friday, has almost 200,000 views, for instance.)

YouTubers have already taken to remixing the footage, and doing parodies of the interview. Other YouTubers are calling for the Gregory Brothers to “songify” Lindell’s interview.

“Sending this to the Gregory Brothers :)” wrote Chris BakerDrummer on Lindell’s niece’s video.

“SONGIFY THIS!” commented trekitout on the same video, with 39 “likes.”

Lindell’s news interview does make a perfect candidate for the Gregory Brothers “Auto-Tune the News.”

Reality, like fame, can hit you hard, bro.