8 things Zooey Deschanel has asked Siri

zooey siri
Find out what the actress asks Siri when the cameras aren't rolling. 

Talking honeydew-flavored bubble tea/actress Zooey Deschanel televised her discovery of what rain is in a recent ad for Apple’s iPhone 4S with Siri, leaving many to wonder what else she doesn’t know.

Somehow, someone has tapped into Deschanel’s basil-colored treehouse of cuteness and found out what she’s asking Siri on a recently created parody Twitter account, @ZooeySiri. And yeah, her life makes as much as sense as a baby pig wearing red rain boots.

She’s puzzled by a lot of things in life, like duck sauce. “Siri, is duck sauce made from ducks, or is it for eating around ducks?” she asked.

She’s also inquisitive about religion: “Siri, do you think God ever wants a friend?” Probably, but he’d choose Schmidt over you.

We’ve compiled eight of our favorite things Deschanel has asked Siri, but we’re still waiting for the answers.

Photo via Twitter

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